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Posted on November 30 , 2011 In: Black Ale, Speakeasy

Speakeasy: Butchertown Black Ale

Speakeasy: Butchertown Black AleSpeakeasy: Butchertown Black Ale

BeerAdvocate B (10 Reviews)

ABV 8.2%

From Speakeasy we have Butchertown Black Ale. The beer is a play on the senses: black as night, but with a deceivingly lighter body than the color would indicate and a dry-hopping regiment more akin to an IPA than a stout or porter. ABV 8.2%

Posted on August 17 , 2011 In: Red Ale, Speakeasy

Betrayel: Speakeasy

San Jose Craft BrewBetrayel: Speakeasy

BeerAdvocate B+ (11 Reviews)

8.2% ABV

From Speakeasy we have Betrayel. Deceiving, double-crossing, and treacherous, Betrayal strikes a chord in the deepest shade of red. At first glance, she’s sweet and seductive, yet at the last sharp enough to curl your tongue. ABV 8.2%

Posted on August 9 , 2011 In: Pale Ale, Speakeasy

Untouchable: Speakeasy


Beer Advocate score: B (128 Reviews

ABV 5.5%: American Pale Ale.

Untouchable does justice to the American Pale Ale, enforcing a strict balance of arresting hop flavor and a smooth maltiness that’s just undercover.

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